Saturday, October 23, 2010

Going to the Chapel

Katie and Rusty's wedding was the biggest highlight of the past few months. They are the most amazing couple and are going to have such an amazing life together. I am so lucky to have friends like this in my life. I wish them the best of luck and lots and lots of babies! : ) Can't wait to be an aunt!!!
The girls at the bridal luncheon. It was so precious. Each place setting had a
picture of whomever seat it was and Katie. Such a great idea.
After we finished having lunch, Katie and her Mom treated the girls to manicures and pedicures. It was so nice to be able to relax for a little bit and have some good girl talk!
Couple pictures at the rehearsal
Meagan and Ross aka. . . Liam's Mommy and DAddy!
Josh and Cheryl
Sarah and Brady

Deal or No DEal game . . .
They ended up winning $1,000.00!!!!!!!
AV guy . . . SHAUN HATCH!!
Everyone enjoying the video Katie worked so hard on. It turned out so perfecT !
4 people's luggage for 2 nights . . . WOW!
Sign leading us to the wedding site

Beautiful Bride
My brother from another mother. . . Katie's brother Josh. He coaches with my
Dad and is the main reason Katie and I ever met. Thank you Josh!
Waiting for the bride to come down the isle
True love . . . I love them!
Mohawk Martin

Katie sang the most amazing song to Rusty. I was so proud of her for making it all the way through without tearing up! Couldn't say the same for Rusty and everyone else in the audience.

I love you Katie and Rusty!!!

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