Monday, November 1, 2010

If anyone can make it . . . I'm betting on me and you!

Such a great weekend! Started off with a date night Friday that ended at Katie and Rusty's for a little football watchin. . . Are you surprised?? : ) Saturday was soo much fun. . . We got Shaun a new tv and did some store hopping looking for a costume for the Farrin's First Annual Halloween Bash!! Needless to say . . . There will be a post later with pictures from that party. Can't wait for you to meet Keith and Bambi . . . oh and Junior! HAHA! Today consisted of a lot of laying around and relaxing. Not something I get to do very often. It was really nice not having to do anything. When Shaun got off we ended up at Kroger getting stuff for a shrimp boil and a few things to fix his house up . . . More light bulbs for the bathroom being one of them! : ) I had never been to a shrimp boil until tonight . . . It was AWESOME!! I ate so much . . . I thought I was going to explode. My man is great in the kitchen! All in all it was a successful weekend!!

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