Thursday, February 3, 2011

back to my roots

I am so lucky to have a great family. My parents are both strong Christians that have raised me to walk in their footsteps. I love going back home because it brings me back to my roots and reminds me of who I truly am. When I think I have it all figured out I am quickly reminded that I have no clue. I am thankful for the way we are able to communicate as a family. I am thankful for the faith they have put in my decision making skills and the trust they have had in me through the years. It would be so hard to be where I am today without my great support system!

Nie Nie. . . the author of a blog I have been following, asked a somewhat simple question today.

What makes you happy? I am taking this year to find myself again. I feel like it is time for me to get back to where I should be in every aspect of my life. Tired of just going through the motions and not making the most of every day God gives me. While in search of my new self I have been trying to figure out what I can do to make myself a happier person. . . The simple things that I can do on a daily basis that makes me feel like I am giving back, making the most of my day, and making an impact on someones life for the better.  This question might be simple for some people, but I have a hard time with it. I have worked on a list and this is what I have so far. . .
1. spending time with people I care about and care about me
2. helping people
3. solving problems
4. serving
5. making things . . . being crafty
6. mini weekend vacations to random places I have never been before
7. experiencing things I have never experienced
8. having good conversation with friends I have lost touch with
9. riding in the car with windows down singing my favorite songs
10. cooking for people I love
11. at times I love girl time . . .  coffee, girl talk, desperate housewives, bachelor, and anything that doesn't have to do with the guys ; )
12. watching my favorite movies over and over again
13. playing card games
14. having alone time
15. going to weddings
16. planning events/vacations/day trips . . . just planning in general
17. a little coffee with my cream and sugar
18. clean sheets and warm towels just out of the dryer
19. having people in my life I can trust
20. feeling wanted/needed
21. getting compliments
22. being made to feel special and irreplaceable
23. visiting a church and being made to feel like you have known them your whole life
24. being with someone and not feeling like you have to say anything
25. diet coke
26. decorating for Christmas
27. flowers
28. pictures
29. hearing a baby laugh and watching them smile
30. hearing the words "i love you"
31. going different places and doing things without a time frame
32. looking around in target or hobby lobby

When I really started thinking about it I realized that there is a lot in my life that makes me happy. I am growing daily and by surrounding myself with those people I want to be like is truly helping me in that process of becoming a strong Christians.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful life, family, friends, and the start of a great church family.

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