Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 3- Job

To start off this work week right, let's pray for our dude's job. Whatever it is that he does to 'bring home the bacon,' let's ask that Jesus meet him there today.

We all know our husband's jobs well, so spend some time today personalizing your prayer in the way your husband needs them most. Try to take yourself out of the prayers. Don't pray for what you would be pleased to see happen, but rather things that would bring growth to your dude.

Our focus:
May their workplace be/become a place where they have freedom and show their creativity and use their gifts.
That they would gain encouragement, specifically today, from their co-workers.
That they would be effective.
A thankful heart for a job that provides.
Give clarity to any callings that the Lord may be placing in their heart. 
Professional growth.

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