Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lots of catching up to do!

       One great part about my job is that I get to travel ever so often. Last week I had a training in Blytheville and was about to meet my Pop, Nana (on the right), and two of her sisters for lunch. Tradition in our family is to eat bar-b-que when you visit town. We had a great visit. It was really good to see all of them. 

Here is my version of the football cupcakes for our super bowl party. . . They turned out pretty good! I decided to make chocolate footballs instead of using icing. They sure did taste better that way! 

       This past weekend we ladies shipped the men off to Greeres Fairy to stay at a cabin for the weekend while we got together for some much needed girl time. We had been talking for a couple of weeks about how much fun we were going to have sitting around in our pajamas, snacking, and chatting while watching sappy girlie movies. Unfortunately, one thing led to another and one by one the ladies plans fell apart. Not to worry. . . we all took a rain check and will be getting together SOON! Even though Rocky Bones and I weren’t able to get together with our ladies . . . we decided to take a road trip to Pocahontas to visit Shaun’s family. We met them Friday night for their traditional Friday Night Fish Date. They love Captain Catfish and have told us for a long time that we should come join them. Now I know why . . . It was some of the best catfish I have had.
         Mrs. Lin planned for her and I to find me some new/old fixer upper furniture for my new place (Post for another time). We went to several different antique places around town where we found soo many goodies! Unfortunately, they cherish their fantastic finds a little more than I was willing to pay right now.  Even though we came home empty handed . . . she and I had just a great day together. I got to see parts of Pocahontas I have never seen. We enjoyed an awesome root beer float, laughed until we cried listening to Chonda Pierce CD, and got some good ideas for the future. 
         Mrs. Lin just goes on and on about playing cards with her mom and her friends. We have said for a while now that I will have to come up and have them teach me how to play hand and foot. Saturday was a perfect day for it. We met up with Ms. Wanda and Ms. Fannie and had so much fun!! They are serious about their cards, but are great teachers. We celebrates Ms. Wanda's 39th ;) birthday with rice crispies and strawberries! I am blessed to have such great Christian women in my life. I look up to these ladies and strive to be more like them daily! Thank you for all the laughs this weekend!! 


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Meagan said...

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Captain Catfish is my fav, when I went to Williams {years ago haha} a bunch of us used to chow down there all of the time :) Their hushpuppies are amazing. I love your blog dear!