Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 1- Leadership

Happy Tuesday! I hope this finds you all well!  If you have thought of your special person . . .please join me for day 1 of prayer focused on that person. Below is the information from Texas blog for day 1 on leadership. I have changed it up a little in order for it to focus on anyone . . . not just husbands! : ) 

Let's begin by praying for our special person as a leader
All of us are leaders in one way or another and most of them lead in multiple areas. The men in our lives are all the leaders in our relationships and homes. Many of them lead multiple people in their place of work. And whether you realize it or not, many of your husband's friends look to your husband as a leader in their friendship. For those of you who have been in leadership roles yourselves, you know the burden and pressure that can come from such roles. Recognize that your husband or your special person is a leader to many people, even in situations that you may be unaware of. Let's ask the Lord to bless them in this role, to teach them through leadership and to use them to influence others. 

Our focus:
Increase their wisdom in making decisions for those they lead.
God would give them confidence as a leader.
Call them to step out in their role and calling. 
Give them influence in the lives of others.
That they would view their leadership as a way to lead as the Lord has lead them. 
Teach them through leading others. 
A teachable spirit. 

Use the next twenty-four hours to focus on your husband's roles in leadership. Take them before the Lord, specifically as a leader.

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