Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 4- Husband

Today's topic is specific for husbands. You can take this and turn it however you would like. I am just leaving it the way it is because I think it is good for those that are praying for them. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Sorry these posts have been sporadic and a little crazy.  

God has been doing some good things in my heart as I've put much time and focus on the spiritual well-being of my husband. Anyone else?

Today, let's focus on our person as just that, a husband. If you are not yet married, pray for your guy as he steps into the role of husband.  For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. Your husband, my husband, is the leader. Already. It's settled. You don't have to negotiate it or loose sleep over it, they are the head of the home. Christ appointed them to that role. 

In thinking about praying for this role,  it was hard for me to stripe this roll from the other rolls he fulfills. Yet, it is the one role that is solely created for me. Funny, isn't it?

Our focus:
Encourage him in his leadership of me, his wife. 
Continue to develop him into a man that always makes marriage a priority
Give him a deep love for me, his spouse.
Give him new revelation into your heart for marriage.
Guard his eyes from Satan's attempts to steal his affection from me. 
May he be a model of submission as he submits to the Lord.
Give him wisdom in leadership.