Friday, February 4, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

Between the year-end reports we are working on at the office, turbo tax Tuesday, catching up from a weekend at home, trainings I have had at night this week, and celebrating a good friends birthday . . . this has been one crazy busy week! I love staying busy, but believe me . . . I love to slow it down too! I am looking forward to not having anything that just HAS to be done this weekend. Luckily Shaun is off tonight so we are going to have a date night! First one we have really had in a while. Dinner and a movie. He even said I get to pick the movie. . . after the Black Swan choice from last time . . . think he owes me! : )  Can't wait!!

I mentioned that we celebrated a friends birthday. One year ago yesterday I met the most amazing group of people. Katie's brother coaches with my dad in Magnolia. He knew I was new in town and didn't know anyone so he had her give me a call. It just happened to work out that they were going to be going out for Rusty's birthday that week. I decided to go and the rest is history. There is no way I would have made it in this town, after moving here alone, without them! They keep me on my toes, laughing until it hurts, and have my back no matter what! I am always looking forward to the next time we will be able to see each other. I love them like family and I am so blessed to have them. 

Our first date! Goofy from day one :  ) 

 My plan for Saturday. . . SLEEP IN! : ) After that, if weather permits, I would like to go antique looking and shopping at some junk stores here in town. I am wanting to make myself a craft room at some point. . . have to get my own place and find time to craft, but when I do I want to be prepared! I would love to find some old pieces of furniture like these to transform! 

We are all getting together for the Super Bowl on Sunday. I am in charge of bringing the cupcakes. This is what my intention is for the project. We shall see what they end up looking like . . . fingers crossed they don't turn out like the key lime cupcakes! : /  story for another time. . . still to soon to talk about it! 

Have a fabulous weekend!! 


Meagan said...

I love love love the craft room idea! It is precious & I could spend all day in a room like that :) Have fun on your date night & good luck on the cute cupcakes! See you Monday!

p.s. the blog looks amazing :)

Rachel said...

Thank you ma'am! : ) One of these days I will have this room we can get lost in! Enjoyed our lunch date. We will have to make a habit of it. Have a fun and relaxing weekend with your hubs!