Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 5- Daddy

This is another one of those days where we will have to change it up for our special person. In my case this would be for my . . .  the one of these days, fingers crossed, hopefully I get married before I am passed my child baring years (as Lainey says),  baby daddy! : ) I have always been told I need to pray for my future husband. . . This is one of the main things I pray for when I pray for him. 

If your man is already a daddy, this is a prayer that is probably constantly on your heart. I know that it is for me. If you do not yet have children, this is the perfect time to start praying for them, by praying for their daddy.

Our Focus:
Teach him to train his children up in godliness.
May his time with his children be increased.
Grant him wisdom, patience and endless love.
Grow his children up to always bring joy to their daddy.
Prepare him to use 'life' as a teacher for his children.
Inspire him through his offspring.
May he always see the wonders of the Lord in his children.

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