Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On the road again . . .

      These past couple of weeks have been a whirl wind. I am not real sure if I am coming or going at this point. I have been very busy with work . . . We have had a lot of workshops out of town and this past weekend I spoke to a couple of groups at the Infant Toddler Extravaganza in Little Rock. I ended up coming back to Little Rock Monday afternoon in order to be here first thing this morning for a two day strength based coaching adventure. So far so good. . .
      My grandparents just so happened to be in town tonight. My Pop is having an outpatient procedure tomorrow to remove scar tissue from his last prostate surgery. Please keep him in your prayers. The procedure is tomorrow morning at 6. We stopped by Target tonight after dinner to load up on cookies and candy for the night. He loves his sweets! 
      So much going on but not much that is very interesting . . . Just wanted you all to know I am still alive, but just super busy. After tomorrow I am hoping things will settle down for a little bit. Looking forward to next weekend . . . Praying Shaun and I have good weather for our TENT camping weekend!! Yes I said tent . . . We shall see how this turns out! That will be a post all in it's self. 

Here are just a few things that make me smile!! 

Shaun knows I love Vera Bradley. . . 
The one thing I didn't have! 
It's one of my little daily reminder of how lucky I am to have such a supportive, caring, and loving man. 

 Katie recently introduce me to my new favorite snack . . . 
Nutella spread on a flour tortilla! Suggest you try it!!

These are some of the delicious strawberries Mrs. Lin shared with us. 
Some of them have recently been smothered in chocolate! Just think about that for a minute. . . YUMMM! 

Until NExt time! 

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