Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm gonna keep on, keep on, lovin' you!

A year ago today was the day Shaun implied he wanted me to be his girlfriend . . . I say implied because it was never really said out loud but only suggested in a quick conversation that occurred the night we returned from celebrating Rusty and Katie's engagement in St. Louis. The past years journey has created so many lasting memories. I say this a lot, but I mean it every time . . . I am a lucky girl! There are so many mushy gushy things I could say about Shaun, but to avoid you all gagging from all the corny . . . I will just tell you a few of the funny things I love and have learned from Shaun over the past year.

  • The world doesn't come to a stand still if I don't have a plan. Shaun would say we are still working on this one. 
  • Boxing is actually a lot of fun to watch. He is patient and answers all of my many questions. . . until I fall asleep right before the main event. Unfortunately, I have a hard time making it all they way through. 
  • Watching CNN makes me feel like more of an American. 
  • Loving a hairy shedding dog with 10 different names has turned into one of the many high lights of my day.  
  • It's ok for the man to be better in the kitchen! It takes a lot to admit, but this does work out in my favor sometimes. He is such a great teacher. I have learned a lot from him so far. 
  • It's ok to have different opinions and look at things from different perspectives. Together it gives us a more well rounded view of the situation.  
  • Rocking out to Snoop Dogg and others in the genre can be enjoyable every now and then! 
  • There doesn't have to be constant conversation. I struggled with this in the beginning. . . imagine that! 
  • I love live music. . . Especially when Shaun plays the bongos.  
  • Where I am weak Shaun is strong.
  •  It's ok to disagree or be upset with one another. Conflict can be a good thing at times. 
  • Life is too short to not be happy . . . Enjoy what you doing no matter what it is.
  • Spend time with the people that mean the most to you and cherish every moment! 

This is a picture of us from the St. Louis engagement.
 I had a lot less hair on my head and he had a lot less on his face!

  What a difference a year can make! 

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