Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I'm Loving

I'm loving cooking with Shaun! : ) 
Heart shaped sweet potato . . . made with "love"! 

I'm loving how much Lainey is enjoying her new job. 
She has wanted one for so long now. I am proud of how hard she is working. Blurry picture, but she still is super cute in her Dairy Queen getup! 

I'm loving this bedspread. 
Shabby chic with a little bit of that dark blue makes it a good mix of masculine and feminine. 

I'm loving my Pop's Valentines Day card for my Nana! 

I'm loving my Nana. 
She is always there for me and can make me laugh harder than just about anyone I know. Always pushing and wanting what is best for me. She is an inspiration. 

I'm loving her cooking!! 
White beans and home made corn bread. . . doesn't get much better! 

I'm loving lazy days with Jimmy! 
Isn't he precious! 

I'm loving that I was able to sign my name to my first official training this week. 
I have been training under Ms. Jo's name and number since I started. The paper work finally came through and it made me official! 

I'm loving my Aunt Vera's wedding dress! 
She and Uncle Bobby look so happy in this picture. I love the length. 
Makes me think. . . What will mine look like? : )

I'm loving this house! 
I drive past it every time I work with Nicole in West Memphis. 
There is something about it that I just think is gorgeous! 

I'm loving Melanie's new job. 
She got a job working with the classifieds section at the local newspaper. 
She seems to really like it. I am proud of her! 

I'm loving the new cupcake shop in West Memphis. 
Delicious, moist, and unforgettable! 

What are you loving?? 


Things my husband says and does... said...
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Katie Farrin said...

I am loving you! I win :)