Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am . . .

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 04:13 AM PDT
in a hurry to get this RFP finished so I can have the weekend off! 
…kind of frustrated because the lady I work with is slow when it comes to computers and working efficiently! 
…a little jealous of people who just can throw anything on and look super cute.
…immensely grateful that I love a man that loves me no matter how rough I treat him after a bad day at work(working on this). 
remembering exactly how blessed I am to have great friends and an amazing support system! 
thankful that Shauna and I are in good health and it is important to us to always be that way. 
hoping to get everything packed, cooked, and iced down for the first leg of our road trip tomorrow night. 
excited because I get to see my best friend, Katie this weekend!!! 
…still hemming and hawing about getting the wall paper finished in the kitchen. 
encouraged by the appreciation I am now feeling at work after finally standing up for myself. 
discouraged by the lack of motivation in my boss to expand and move more technologically based within our department. 
happy that I have a partner that always makes things 50/50. . . it's important to do things together and be a team. Thankful he feels the same. 
loving the amazing weather we are having . . . i want to move my desk oursidE! 
remembering that I need to make sure Rocky Bones is taken care of this weekend while we are away. 
wishing it was already Thursday afternoon! 
low on caffeine this morning. 
tired of high gas prices, road trips are for saving on money! 
excited about watching AR football live in Dallas Stadium with the best friends a girl could ask for! 
happy that the kinks have been pretty much worked out for the weekend. . . smooth sailing for  here on out! 
anxious to get all pack, loaded, and on the road! 
heading off to get everyone fed and ready to go out the door.
What are you doing/thinking right now?

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