Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick trip to Kemah

I met a girl at the pool Wednesday afternoon. . . she told me I should drive down to Kemah and go to the boardwalk. So Thursday I decided to make the trip. It was a beautiful afternoon. . . a perfect day to be outside! I was expecting there to be a lot of shops and different venders selling things, but it was more like an amusement park. There were tons of rides and different restaurants. Needless to say I had already eatin' and I wasn't in the riding mood so I just walked from one end to the other. That in itself took me about an hour. Since I was in a shopping mood I make it over to Garden Ridge and walked around forever it seemed like forever. I just couldn't commit to anything. I walked down to Good Will and bought Ashley a paper towel holder for .99 cents!! Some times its just the simple things in life that can make you happy! All in all it was a good afternoon!

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