Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nashville here we come!!

Nana, Pop, and I got up early early Thursday morning and headed to Nashville. The plan was to help my Nana's sister (Aunt Carrie) clean out her barn full of antics (junk). Well needless to say we didn't get the much accomplished. We had such good intentions of getting a lot done, but it just didn't work out that way. Aunt Carrie's birthday was celebrated by going to the Chaffin's Dinner Theater where we saw the comedy "There goes the Bride". We had a great time and overdid ourselves on the complimentary chocolate chip cookies. The next night the whole family and some of Aunt Carrie's friends went out to eat at a mexican restaurant there in town. This is where we really celebrated her 75th birthday! While I was there I was able to spend a little bit of time with each of the kids. They are all so sweet and just so much fun. My cousin Paige really hooked me up with a bunch of goodies for my shabby chic apartment theme. Nana and I were able to go downtown one afternoon and have lunch at Merridee's. We had so much fun just walking around down there window shopping. I love spending time with her. Uncle Alan also took Nana, Pop, and me to the flee market on Saturday. We found a lot of great stuff we would have loved to have brought home with us. We thought . . . why go buy junk when we can just go rummage through the barn and see what we can find! So thats what we did. All in all it was a great trip. I always enjoy seeing that side of the family.

Aunt Carrie and her birthday hat!

Such a cute little barn. . .

Full of sooo much stuff!!!
Dinner Theater for our birthdays! The best part of the whole night was watching my Pop laugh so hard he had tears. He didn't want to go and he laughed harder than any one of us!

Uncle Allen, Aunt Carrie, and Paige
Cheesing it up!
The stage for the play comes down from the ceiling! Sooo neat!

All you can eat!!
Aunt Carrie insisted we all have red roses for her mexican party!!
Georgia and Isabel at the party with their flowers.
Nana and little Carrie Sue
All the little one. . . Samuel, Scotty, Isabel, Ava, Georgia, and Anna
Nana, Kay, and Paige
Just a couple of the attempts to get a good one of me and the boys. . .

Samuel said " hey rachel take a picture of me and my chip!" haha. . . so I did!

I got to go swimming with Gege and Scotty one afternoon. . . I had a good time bucking them on their boogie boards like they were riding bull.
Factory. . . It has a lot of specialty shops. Such a neat place.

My granny smith apple, bacon, and cheese sandwich from Merridee's bakery. Such an awesome combination!

Crab apples. . . Supposedly if you put them in a corner of a room they will scare off spiders!
Little miss carrie sue!

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