Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sugarland and George Straight

Ashley got us tickets for my birthday! Sugarland has become my new favorite group over the past year and Ash has always just "loved" good 'ole George. . . The Finnell's came by and picked us up because they had a parking pass. We weren't about to sit with them, but it kept us from having to walk. . . The traffic was sorta ridiculous, but like I said. . . With the Finnell's its always fun!

Bumper to Bumper
Cramped in the car! Ash was a good sport. . .

The whole group! Including George in the background!

All the way to the top. . . and I mean ALL the way to the top! :)
We were so far up that they offered Binoculars for rent! haha. . . I couldn't help but laugh!
I though this was cute! Its a little H with a cowboy hat and boots. They are randomly placed in the wall in the arena.
The view from our "box" seat!
Outside Reliant Stadium. . . Thank you again Ash for the VIP treatment!

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