Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Peaches, peaches and more PEACHES!!

Pop and I dropped Nana off in Blytheville and she spent some time with Uncle Max while we headed to Missouri to pick up some peaches. It took us a while to get there, but it was oh so worth it!! I have learned so much in just the little time I have spent with Nana and Pop so far. I have spent time with both in the past, but it hasn't been much one on one time. I am really looking forward to living with them and us getting to spend lots of time together. My Nana is an awesome cook. . . I am hoping she will be able to teach me a few things while I am there. Pop is a handy man. We have already refinish a few chairs that go with the table they are going to let Ash use when he moves to Jonesboro. We have a lot of projects planned already! I am blessed to have wonderful healthy grand parents that support me like they do.

Rows and rows of peaches. . . this place smelt soo good!
They had the most beautiful apples. Its like they polished every one by hand.
This tree was pretty neat. They hung little pieces of candy on each branch. Under the tree was a table covered with candy. It look like the tree was producing candy and it was falling to the ground.
We got what we came for. . .

Putting up peaches is a lot of work! Good thing there were three of us. We definitely had a system. Pop and Nana were the peelers and I was the slicer.

Freshin' up!
Before I helped with the putting up of these thing I thought they were some what "good" for me. Umm. . . not after I saw how much sugar Pop puts on them. Oh well. . . after all it is good for me. It's still fruit right!?!

Make sure you get ALL the air out! Ashley would have been very proud.

Just a look at what we had in the freezer before we started on the others. They are determined to have enough to last them until this time next year.

The chairs and table aren't all that cute, but they are great compared to sitting on the floor and eating off of the coffee table.


Hicks Family said...

I actually like the chairs...I like refurbished things!

Rachel Sisson said...

haha. . . they really aren't bad! I just don't think they were what Ash was expecting when I told them about them. Luckily my grandparents have a lot of stuff in the attic that they haven't used for a long time. They are so excited that Ash will be able to use some of it.

Anonymous said...

I like the chairs! They are definentally better than my current setup thats for sure.


tleaf10 said...

Why did it take me so long to find your blog?! I went back and read a long ways so now I'm caught up on your whole life! I will add you to my google reader which I can check at work - but I can't comment at work so just because my comments are few and far between, doesn't mean I ain't readin' :) When you comin back to S-town?