Thursday, September 24, 2009

JUst a little Magnolia FooTBalL!!

There is nothing like going home for a high school football game. The smells, sounds, and people just took me back to the years at MHS. Its amazing how something like that just causes all types of emotions to come over you. The friendships, fights, practices, sweat and tears, the hours of studying I pretended to do for my semester tests. The youth group trip memories that I now cherish so much, watching the football players, during our colorgaurd practices, practice and trying to pick them out by the way they look in their uniform. :) You cant forget the drama that came up over issues that seemed soo life threatening back then. Its amazing what all i learned during all of those Friday nights under the lights.

This arrived at the stadium shortly after Mom and I.

The Coaches pitched in and help get the bands instruments out of the stands before the monsoon showed up.
Just a little group meeting
As the last few minutes tick down on the clock the coaches wives and families get to go down to the track and wait until the game is over to congratulate the coaches and players. This was one of the final plays of the game. . . Shortly after I took it the ball ended up in the end zone for another MAGNOLIA PANTHER TOUCHDOWN!!

Go girls. . . They had quite a few push-ups to do that night.

Panther run through. . . It has come a long way from the butcher paper and pvc pipe we had when I was in high school! (man don't I feel old talking like that) Oh yeah. . . and the video is a little shaky. If you get car sick easily. . . well might want to stay clear! :) Sorry!!

On a daily basis I think about Ty. . . being at the stadium and back in my home town really brought back memories of all the great times we spent together. Strong, loving, patient, hilarious, giving, worker, brother, dedicated, dependable, willing, fun, and forgiving. One of the main things I learned from Ty was you are who you are and you can't worry about what people think about you. I have many many wonderful memories of the times we spent together and I am thankful for each and every one of them.

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