Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long lost birthday pictures. . .

During a quick visit to HOpe for Logan's birthday party. . . Granny and Pop showed off their trained humming birds. They are just so much fun to watch. . . She fills up the feeders and they swoop in and drink it all up!! Surprisingly and despite what i have always heard. . . Granny's humming birds like the clear nectar over the red. Who would have thunk it!?

Mom just couldn't resist pretending to be the princess for the day!!
Logan the REAL birthday girl!
Just opening presents. . .
So Lain absolutely HATES and when i say HATES i mean HATES the smell of Laci's dog food. As a joke i just wrapped up a little thing of it for her to open on her special day.
Just so excited about the camera we all got her!

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