Thursday, September 24, 2009

All about Lainey. . .

My sister Lainey is by far one of the FUNNIEST people I know!! I just love spending time with her. It takes us no time before we are arguing and getting into it about something, but after we duke it out for a few seconds we are over it and moved on to picking on Dad or giving Mom trouble about something. I am so proud of her and the strongest Christian young ladies she is. She is such a great example for others and especially for me. She keeps me on my toes and you honestly don't ever know what to expect when she is around.

Lainey all dressed up for her first day of high school!
Lainey all dressed down for her second day. . . the comfortable, laid back, casual, cool as cucumber, don't care (do care) what people think of me, and did I say I love my t-shirt and jeans Lainey!!

Just a little blurb of what goes on when Lain and I are together. . . Mixed with a little Ash on the web cam and Mom coming in trying to figure out what's going on. . . pretty much what goes on every night when im in Mag-town.

P. S. we don't make a habit of taking in helium. . . probably isn't too good for ya if I was to guess! Oh and the last video. . . Just totally random! Basically just showing off Lain's sweet dance moves. When the camera gets really shaky. . . Well thats what she calls dancing! haha! Oh and proof that I do try my best to keep my eyebrows tweezed. . . Lainey!!!!

P. S. S. Ash told me my room looked like a tornado came through it. In my defense I was in the process of moving back home, organizing, and getting ready to move to Marion. Needless to say. . . It was a disaster!! AND on top of all of that Lainey uses my room as a big closet. She will try on clothes and they get left wherever they may fall. . . that is if they don't fit or look just right. All of that mixed together and you get one BIG MESS!!

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Hicks Family said...

you look like you have a lot of fun together...sisters are the best! it was good to see Ash too. I love that kid!