Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Christine is one busy girl!

Christine at her swim meet

She swims on the Kirkwood swim team. For this past month we have gone to swim practice every day and each Monday she has a swim meet. I am typically the one that gets to stay home with the boys, but last night it worked out that we were all able to load up and go watch her swim. It was horribly hot, but we did it! I had never been to a swim meet before so it was neat to see. Christine got 1st in the races she swam. . . we must have been good luck!

Hunter was so hot that i poured water on his head. . . he loved it! He just laughed

Jack's hair just grows on top so it is perfect for a cute little mohawk!!

Christine's Photo shoot
Today Christine had acting at 12 and then we were off to get her head shots done. She had her hair and make up done by professionals. . . what girl doesn't want that. She was treated like she was a movie star. We had a great time watching her get her pictures taken.

Patiently waiting. . .

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