Monday, June 29, 2009

Pool time!

Sunday afternoon we loaded the kids up and headed to the lodge for some fun in the sun! I spent the afternoon chasing after 5 little ones with more energy than the energizer bunny! Needless to say I got my workout in for the WEEK and some sun while I did it!

Headed to the pool. . . full of ENERGY!

William was so excited about swimminG!

Samuel had the best time on this slide. I promise you he went down it 50 times. He was so cute. He would just smile soo big the entire time!

Getting creative and going down backwards on the tummy

The girls in front of the slide that kept them occupied the entire time. I did it as many times as i could. . . there are a lot of stairs you have to take to get from the bottom to the top of that thing
this is the beach pool. . . it has a beach entrance and the little ones just love it

The yellow slide has been given the nickname "the bullet". Supposedly it is faster than a speeding bullet. Only the brave will attempt it and only the strong will survive it! haha. . . at least thats what the girls think! Anna was so proud that she went down it way more than 10 times! Of course that was the one she wanted me to go on first! And YES I did survive! :)

LAZY river! Where Sam spent most of his time

Jenny, William, and Samuel chillin on the lazy river

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