Thursday, June 18, 2009

Times flies when you're having "fun"!

I have a lot of updating to do! I have been living in St. Louis since January. I moved in with the Stewart's at the beginning of February. They have twin boys named Hunter and Jack. They also have a daughter Christine who I have grown to love very much. I have learned a lot the past few months. Not only about child life, but also about what all it takes to keep a household up and running. I have missed my family more than I thought I would. Just being so far away that a weekend trip wouldn't work just makes you want to be there even more.
I have missed a lot not being at home so far this year. Football season, baseball season, prim fishing weather now, Lainey making colorgaurd, passing her driving test, and so much more. There is a lot you miss when you aren't close by. I am lucky that Ashley only lives 5 hours from Magnolia. . . Thats an easy weekend trip for me!
I have been blessed that Ashley and I have made through all of this. . . It has been though at times, but I am looking forward to moving to Houston. We might end up getting tired of seeing each other! It is going to be different going for once a month to possibly once a day. I'm sure we can handle it! :) It just so happens that the family I am living with now is St. Louis has family in Houston. Todd's parents live in Pearland and have opened their home to me until I can find a job and save a little before I have to find a place of my own. The Lord has really had a hand in all of this. It is amazing how things are working out. Now all I need is a JOB!

Jack and Hunter
4 months

7 months

They boys are 7 months today. . . They are growing up so fast. They were only 2 months old when I moved in. They both have such different personalities. I have been told my whole life that there is a possibility that I could possibly have twins. . . well I have had plenty of practice. I'm going to have to have twins because I don't know if I will know what to do with just one! I had no idea what it took to keep a house running. . . laundry, dishes, supper ready at a decent hour, and getting everyone to bed on time. . . just to name a few. I have learned to appreciate everything my mom did for all of us when we were growing up.


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