Sunday, June 28, 2009

The sun'll come out tomorrow!!

Thursday night the neighbors next door called and invited Christine and I to go see Annie at the Muny. The Muny is an outdoor theater where kids put on plays all summer long. They put together at least 8 different plays and perform them for about a week at a time. We had amazing seats 11 rows from the front. It was a perfect night to be outside. . . the wind was blowing just enough to keep us some what cool and their weren't any mosquitoes out. This has been something Christine has been wanting to do with me since I got here in February. I am so glad we finally got a chance to go together!

Christine Marissa and Alaina

I took this picture while we were walking in to take our seats. This was right before the security lady let me know I wasn't suppose to take pictures in the theater. Whoops!

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