Monday, June 29, 2009

Goin' to the zoo zoo zoo. . . wanna come too too too!?

Sam and Jenny came this weekend to say for a few days with their kids. . . Lillian, Anna, Samuel, and William. We have really had a great time since they have been here. We have played outside, watched tons of episodes of I Spy and Harold and the purple crayon, gone to the lodge for some pool time, and today we took a trip to the zoo! The week is just getting started . . . There is no telling what we will do the rest of the week.

The boys were troopers. . . They love the stroller and didn't mind the heat!

Isn't this so sweet! They just love each other so much. They are just the best of friends.

We stood around looking at the elephants forever it seemed. They really enjoyed watching them. There were a couple of mommas and a few little babies!

The crew in the middle of a hollowed out log!

It was a hot day, but I really enjoyed making memories with these kids! They are all just a joy to spend time with. We laughed all afternoon!

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