Saturday, October 3, 2009

Around the Payne's lately!

It seems like there is always something going on at Nana and Pop's house. Over the past week we have accomplished a whole lot! We have finished the remodel of the front bed room, cleaned the sun room, loaded up over 1200 pounds of corn for the deer woods, visited family in Blytheville, and one of my favorites. . .went Uncle John's in Crawfordsville for ribs!!

Pop has a friend that somehow got a truck full of corn. SUpposedly he got it really cheap. He filled up the barrels and Pop and Uncle Greg loading it to bring it to Dad for the deer feeders. We had 4 barrels and each one weighed about 350 pounds. . . For the record I didn't have anything to do with the way they were loading it. The board is about to slip off the tailgate! I was a nervous wreck!
If you look close you will be able to see all the ants that were under the barrel. NASTY!

Our trip to Blytheville!!

Sharecroppers. . . Blytheville local folk LOVe this place.
After eating lunch Pop and I dropped Nana off to see Uncle Max. We headed out to Uncle Joe's to pick some greens. While we were there I was educated on turnip greens by these amazing brothers!
Turnip green. . .Yum! : /

Jerry and Jack
FUnky looking tomato
Mustard greens. . .
On the front of Uncle Joe's barn
Walk'in high cotton. . . Old times there are not forgotten
You don't see this every day. . . ONly in farm country

Uncle John's. . . Basically the only restaurant in Crawfordsville.
High Five Uncle John!
Inside the place!

The good stuff!! By far some of the best ribs I have EVER had!

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