Friday, October 16, 2009

"Gunter's" Project

My cousin Gunter asked me to help him with his Iroquois Indian project for school. It took a team of workers and a lot of long hard hours but we did it!!!! Hopefully we. . . I mean Gunter will get an A++++!

Thinking it through and drawing out the plans
Pick up sticks
Elm bark!
Turning a kleenex box into an Indian Longhouse

We recruited Pop for the cutting and sawing
gluing on the roof!
wrapped the roof
Added the elm bark for the roof
Gluing the burlap to the base
Platform for our village!!
making the corn stocks
gluing the little shed's legs on
building the fence
The start of the garden. . . the dirt was made from coffee grounds and glue
Fire made from red foil and orange form a popcorn ball wrapper

PUtting everything together

Nana worked on these awesome Indians. . . . The lady even has a baby on her back!!
Iroquois Indian Village

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