Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home again home again jiggity jiG!

Nana, Pop, and I rolled into town Wednesday morning. We hit the floor running because Thursday the painters were coming to re-paint the ceiling. We had some roof damage a few months back and it needed to be done. Needless to say everything had to be taken down from the tops of the cabinets and around the room. All of the animals had to be covered or put out in the boat room. Picture frames, rugs, and everything in between were put away or covered with plastic.
Notice the one deer in the back corner! We couldn't get him down. . . so we just covered him!

After cleaning up when the painters were finished we rearranged the furniture. The picture frames that typically go on this table have yet to be put back up because Ms. Laci has taken it over as hers. She normally sits of the back of the couch like a cat. I guess she enjoys being up high and able to stretch out a little more without the fear of falling!
Of course we can't go home without seeing some panther football.
We played Lakeside and beat them 34 to 17.
Lainey and her little band nerd friends! (I can say that because I use to be one!)

Lainey, Seirra, and Brittany
Mom and Dad. . .

Lainey and her friend Sara have a HUGE crush on one of the new college guys that goes to church with them. His name is TYLER and he plays football for SAU. Obviously he is just the coolest and cutest thing ever! They spent all afternoon working of these shirts to sport at the game tonight. They actually turned out really cute! It took all of us to get them finished before the game at 6!

Crunch time drying!
Proper planning prevents poor performance!


Lainey wearing a bow!?!?!
This is not like Lain to wear a bow! Some how Sara talked her into it.
So cute!

And the famous TYLER!!!

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