Friday, October 16, 2009

How I have been spending my time before life in the real world startS!

Things have been going great the past two weeks. I took a job at Arkansas STate in Jonesboro working as an Infant Toddler Resource Specialist. I will be going to different communities in 14 counties implementing a new program called Al's caring pal's. It is a new program so thankfully it will be a learning experience for all of us. It is a program that helps teach youngsters social and emotional skills at an early age. I will also be putting on workshops for parents . . . teaching the same things as we teach the teachers so they can use the techniques at home. I will be attending orientation Monday and my first full day will be Tuesday! Thank all of you soo much for your prayers and support. . . I would not have gotten to this point without your help!

Faxing my signed offer letter

Cute car I saw driving around Jonesboro

Gunter's football game. . .

Adorable little cheerleaders

The cutest little boy at the game. He kept me pretty entertained!
Laci enjoyed the game too. . . She got a lot of attention!
Nana staying warm

My friend from the game. . . she loved on Laci and just talked our ears off!
Gage and Gunter after the game.
Blytheville Kream Kastle. . . Supposedly it was the place to be back in the days!
Old time Sonic drive thru
FLip the switch to the left to order and flip the switch to the right for tray pick up
We ran into my Nana's cousin Don

So Laci has trained Pop over the past week. She stands up on the side of the couch and Pop leans over to picks her up! haha. . . best part about this is he has a stool there for her to jump up on AND I have seen her use it several times. . . She still waits for Pop to lean down and pick her up. He does every time. Tell me she isn't spoiled! They cuddle on the couch until Pop gets ready for bed.

Lainey's fancy shoes I had painted! Hope she likes them!

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Kristin said...

Hope your week is going well! We're thinking about you as you start your new job! Good luck!