Tuesday, October 6, 2009

oN tHe rOAd AGAIN!!!

We loaded up and headed back to Marion after an amazing visit in Magnolia. The trip was a roller coaster, whirlwind, and a breathe of fresh air! While we were there we went through old clothes and stuff in the attic. We came back with a huge load of things for a garage sale we are going to have next weekend! We were so loaded down that we all had to ride in the front for the 4 1/2 hour drive in pouring down rain. Even Laci was along for the ride. Lets just say. . . the picture below tell all!!

Stuff. . .
stuff. . .
and more STUFF. . . .
What I was really thinking about the trip ahead of us!! :)

Here we go!!
May I please have a bite of your sandwich???

Ok. . . Thats fine

But I am soo cute. . .Plzzzzz

Needing a nap after the snack. . . Demanded her own place on the seat
View from the side window the entire trip!! Now you know why I took so many pictures of Laci.
Pop got out to get gas and this is what LacI did until he came back. She watches his every move!! I think she's obsessed.
Just hanging out. . . Looking out the window.
Actually we made it there safely and didn't kill each other. I say once again. . . I am so blessed to have wonderful grand parents. I am even more blessed that I have a supportive family that is always willing to listen and help me through anything and everything. No matter what I do, where I go, what I say. . . They are ALWAYS there for me! THank you for loving me through thick and thin! I love you!!

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Amy Sisson said...

Hate I couldn't go with yall!!