Sunday, October 11, 2009

Garage Sale!

All of those cramped hours in the car were for this day! Garage sale day!!! After pricing setting up and organizing the day was finally here. Saturday morning bright and early the shopper arrived. It was a cold damp morning and the crowd was light compared to our normal sales. I guess the typical garage sale hoppers felt like sleeping in. Nana came at 6 and told me she would come get me if she needed me. Luckily it was slow. . . I got to sleep until 8:30! Here are a few pictures from the day!

This is where we set Nana up a spot to work!

This is where she was working when I woke up. . . Sitting and watching out the window for people to come buy some of our JUNK!
MOney money money MONEY!!! haha. . .only made $50 and most of that was within the last 30 minutes!
All unorganized and gone through

Little bit of stuff that was left over
The worst part of having stuff left over. . . having to load it back up and take it back to Magnolia so we can have ANOTHER garage sale down there! Maybe those people will want all the junk that the people in Marion didn't want!!

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